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10 Signs You’re An Empath

An empathetic person has the affective ability to put himself in each other’s emotional situation.

Empathy is a beneficial virtue to get by in life. Empathic people are intuitive and prioritize their feelings in any circumstance.

Empathy facilitates interpersonal relationships, for by understanding others’ feelings, you can understand why people behave in a certain way.

10 Signs That You’re An Empath

1. You have an extraordinary sensitivity

Empathic people have a much higher than average sensitivity.

If you are empathic, you indeed have an open mind, a generous spirit, and a big heart. Best of all, you can perceive what others cannot.

Your sensitivity leads you to understand the full context of a situation.

Most people can only see the surface of particular circumstances. Your unlimited sensitivity allows you to perceive what is hidden.

2. You love to listen to others

You like to listen to others and interpret wisely what they are telling you. You are committed to your interactions with others.

You can understand their motivations, needs, and emotions. You also can interpret body language and even guess what the other person is thinking.

Your sensitivity is so powerful that you can feel the emotional hurt that others have. For this reason, try to maintain a prudent emotional distance while listening to others.

3. You like to be alone

Empathic people are very sensitive and therefore often feel overwhelmed by spending so much time listening and helping others.

Enjoying nature will do you a lot of good. When you feel overwhelmed by external circumstances, visit natural settings such as a forest, beach, or mountain areas. There you will find the peace you need.

If you are an emphatic person, you need to be alone to replenish mental energy and regain emotional balance.

solitude is a sign of being an empath

Enjoy solitude? You may be an empath.

4. People ask you for advice

The people around you know that you are an understanding person who will listen to them without judgment. You can give honest advice without sharing your personal opinion.

You provide specific advice, focusing on the situation of the other. Your empathy allows you to propose strategies that are really useful to help the other. This will enable you to make new friends because everyone needs someone who understands them.

5. You don’t like crowds

If you are an empathic person, you probably don’t like crowds. Therefore you avoid going to sports, artistic, cultural events, airports, shopping malls, among others.

What happens is that you feel you have to deal with hundreds of people’s emotions, which is overwhelming. Places full of people generate nervousness and anxiety.

You also don’t want to start small conversations with people you don’t know. That’s why you prefer to go home and enjoy the tranquility of your own space.

6. You’re a leader

If you are an empathic person, you should know that you have a natural talent for leading groups of people.

Your ability to understand people’s feelings can lead you to lead a company efficiently. You know how to encourage a person to successfully perform a specific task.

You can apply your natural leadership in any organization: business, sports, culture, etc. You know how to empower people to be efficient and satisfied in their work.

Remember that nowadays, empathy is a quality highly valued by large companies and institutions of all kinds.

7. Bad news affects you a lot

When you hear bad news from the media, you can feel very sad. Radio, television, the internet, and social networks sensationally communicate bad news to capture people’s attention.

The problem is that it influences you negatively, and you feel bad about it. You may even decide to stop paying attention to all the media because the news overwhelms you.

8. You have a fantastic connection with animals

You feel peace and tranquility when you connect with the animals. They transmit good vibes to you, and you feel safe with them. You love to pet them and play with them for a while.

Also, the animals approach you because they sense your goodness and sensitivity. You know how to take care of them and give them everything they need.

loving connection with animals is a sign of being an empath

Many empaths find that animals are naturally drawn to and trust them.

9. You like to help those who are suffering

Your empathy not only makes you deeply understand the needs of others, but you feel you must help them.

You enjoy doing good deeds because you like to actively intervene in the well-being of others. You want to help everyone, no matter who they are.

You can’t stand others’ pain and feel the urgent need to do something to improve their situation.

You can channel your solidarity by collaborating with various charitable institutions that care for children, women, and children in vulnerable situations.

10. The total balance is more important than the success itself

For many people, success means dedicating themselves to an activity that generates a lot of money, which is enough to make them happy. You are different from others.

While you, too, like success and money, your priority is different. You want to pursue an activity that you enjoy doing, which gives you time for your hobbies and makes you money for good life quality.

In short, you are looking for a total balance where every area of your life is satisfied.

Final Thoughts On Being An Empath

These 10 signs you’re an empath can help you discover if you have that virtue. If you are empathetic, you should know that you have a natural talent for effective communication with people.

You can use this feature for your own good and that of others. You can take advantage of this skill to work as a therapist, psychologist, or coach in the future.

Empathy can help your personal development through the extraordinary sensitivity you have. This wonderful virtue can make you feel overwhelmed, but you can channel it wisely through work or by carrying out charitable actions.

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